i am still falling
barely holding on

– zaynah


“I have to remind myself that you are not the same person anymore. You have changed. I have to forget and stop reliving all the painful memories. I guess I just feel empty. I have fooled myself over and over again thinking I could fix something that was too broken. Things aren’t the same, and they haven’t been for a while now. It’s going to take some time to heal my wounds, especially since they have been bleeding mercilessly for the past few days. Time will help. I have hope.”


I pray to God that he keeps your soul protected, away from aching pains of heartbreak and torment. I crave for your happiness more than my own. I simply want your soul to radiate with happiness. You deserve nothing but peace. I do not wish for your heart to be heavy as mine. I no longer wish to see the aching sadness in your eyes, smile or laughter. I need for you to break free of the shackles you have been wearing as if sewn into your skin, I need you to pull away from this life’s misery’s. I need you to want to be happy. I need you to try. I have hope.

– zaynah