Calmly but viciously

The words you whispered calmly but viciously, transform into the petrifying monsters in my nightmares. You’ve cast a shadow upon me.


Utopian Nature

Stand still. Stand still for a moment. Absorb everything that surrounds you. Can you discern the flawless nature of it all? Wherever it is you may be. You hold the power to do anything. Open your eyes, allow your heart to fall endlessly with every fibre of your being. The tree’s breathe. Listen to their whispers. They hold the answers. Do not be afraid to ask.

The inevitable

Can you hear it? Because I can. Can you feel it? Because I can. It creeps up on me causing my tears to fall endlessly. My thoughts scattered. It’s deafening. My heart quivers and aches. There’s sadness to my smiles as I attempt to put the tainted pieces together that is my life.


Counting sheep

I toss and I turn. I lay here thinking of what’s to come. My eyes wide. My heart heavy. My thoughts fixated on our memories. Only In silence does my mind start to race. Only then do I hold on tight.

The unknown

My skin crawls thinking of what’s to come. The unknown weighs heavily on my mind drilling a black hole. If I take even one step, It’ll consume what is left of me. My curiosity whispering, pulls me in. One more step? One more.

How will she ever get out of this labyrinth?

The little girl who is too small. The little girl who has every opinion forced upon her. Her head is about to erupt like a volcano, eager to fiercely push out all the thoughts it contains until there’s no more. Because even in the unknown, those who surround her have already chosen her fate. The little girl’s lips remain sealed, as if sewn by those who tread loudly around her. Her lips bleed red. Her frightened green eyes, brightly gaze into the darkness. How will she ever get out of this labyrinth?