we all feel a little bit lost at times, and that is okay

– zaynahwrites

I feel the safest in your arms, for that reason I don’t ever want to let go

– zaynah

no one seems to understand the way I feel about him. After everything he’s put me through, I remain by his side.

I cannot imagine spending the rest of my days with someone else.

He was my first love, my first.

But another part of me aches to fill this void in my heart. Someone who truly loved you would never intentionally hurt you.

I am breaking. I am broken. No one can see my walls crumbling down.

I look up at the sky and it rains

I finally understand what it feels like to carry a heavy burden and pretend like everything is fine

don’t I owe it to myself to

only he understands the whispers of my heart

– zaynahwrites